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Heartener® requires your authorization as a Health Source on your iPhone to function. The authorization screens will appear on your iPhone and Watch the first time you run the app.

HealthKit permission

HealthKit permission

Listen to your heart rate during meditation, working out, or when falling asleep. A loud alert will sound if heart rate moves outside a user selected range. Tap on the minimum or maximum value box to bring up a keypad for editing these numbers. Tap 'Done' or anywhere outside the keypad to dismiss the keyboard. These settings are saved into user preferences.

Edit heart alert range

To begin the Heartener session, open Heartener on your iPhone. When the app is launched the Configure (& readout) screen will appear first. If your Watch / device pairing is functioning correctly, the status will read "Session Activation Complete". Any alert sounds will be played at the loudest volume the phone is currently set to. For the heart beat sound, its volume is expressed as a percentage of the current phone volume. All the way to the right indicates a heart beat sound volume at the same volume as the phone. All the way to left will disable the heart beat sound completely. Only alert sounds will occur in that case. If you're happy with the range settings, next open Heartener on your Apple Watch.

Configure and heart rate display screen

If your Watch / device pairing is functioning correctly, the Watch status will read "Connected to phone".

Device Screen

To begin the Heartener monitoring session, tap "Activate" on the Watch app. Your phone will give voice confirmation of the session activating, and data streaming will begin. Heart rate information is transmitted to your phone every 3-5 seconds, and a heartbeat sound effect is played when this data update arrives. The pitch of the heart beat sound is lower for slower heart rates, and gets higher as the heart rate increases. The color of the heart rate text display varies from green to bright orange depending on the heart rate beats per minute.

Incoming heart data

To end the session, tap De-Activate on your Watch, and your phone will give you voice confirmation the session has ended.

Sending heart data to phone

Alerts will sound automatically any time your heart rate exceeds the chosen minimum and maximum beats per minute. You can also sound an alert from your iPhone or Watch at any time. A confirmation dialog will appear, to prevent accidentally triggering the loud siren noise.

Triggering alert on phone

Sending alert from Watch

You can silence an alert in progress by pressing the Alert button again on your iPhone. The siren noise will keep sounding until stopped. Alerts and heart beat sounds will not function if Watch paired iPhone is locked or in sleep mode, Auto-Lock in Settings has to be set to Never during Heartener sessions. For workout or meditation sessions, set Require Passcode to After 1 hour or After 4 hours.

For sleeping / overnight use, Passcode has to be disabled completely and the phone left awake and unlocked. It is recommended the phone be plugged into a power source for overnight usage. Place phone screen down to eliminate light source if needed. Alerts will not sound unless phone is awake. All other functionality requires phone to be awake also.

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